About us

We are a pair of enthusiastic, young videographers passionate about capturing live events and creating creative promos. Shashwat has been exploring videography, filmmaking and editing by filming live professional theatre at one of Toronto's largest theatres, and distilling the excitement of the stage into performance DVDs and trailers. He also has experience capturing the energy and spontaneity of weddings as well as large student events. In addition to filming live events, he enjoys pushing his creative abilities and editing skills by producing promotional videos and short films. His passion for videography and filmmaking eventually rubbed off on his partner, Adriana, who began assisting him with filming, and jumped into developing the business. Together, we want to share our enthusiasm for creative videography and offer services of unique quality and value. 

We believe in working closely with our clients on every aspect of planning, filming, and editing until we create a film that fully captures their memory or message. However, we always bring plenty of fresh ideas, creative angles, and unique shots to each project. We also pride ourselves on professionalism and promise not to be obtrusive at events. We will do everything we can so you enjoy working with us as much as you will enjoy your videos.